Cracker Barrel Listens to and Takes into Account the Feedback of Their CustomersCracker Barrel’s mission is to give customers outstanding service and an experience that they will never forget, all while preserving the warm and friendly ambiance of a traditional general store.

  • Question – Where exactly can I make my feedback available to Cracker Barrel?

Answer – After you have provided your rating for Cracker Barrel and selected “NEXT,” a popup window will appear asking for your opinion on the subject. After you have finished putting your comments there, confirm your submission.

  • Question – Where can I get Cracker Barrel gift cards, and what are their available values?

Answer – You can buy Cracker Barrel gift cards from a wide selection of online stores, such as Walmart.com, Amazon.com, and many more.

  • Question – Where can I get a gift certificate for Cracker Barrel?

Answer – Gift cards for Cracker Barrel may be bought from a number of different online merchants. Walmart.com is in a similar vein to the phenomenally successful Amazon.com.

  • Question – Where can I go to check the remaining balance on my Cracker Barrel gift card?

Answer – Go to www.crackerbarrel.com in order to check the balance of your Cracker Barrel gift card on the website. In addition, you may contact Cracker Barrel by calling them at 1-800-333-9566.

  • Question – To Receive the Senior Discount at Cracker Barrel, What Is the Minimum Age Requirement?

Answer – Cracker Barrel encourages customers who are over the age of 50 to order from the children’s menu in order to take advantage of the restaurant’s reduced prices and smaller portion sizes.

  • Question – Where can I get a list of the people that won?

Answer – The winners of the contest will be notified either by phone or by mail. There is no place on the internet where a list of winners can be found. If you would like a printed copy of the winners list, please make your request here.

  • Question – Will it be possible for me to get the difference of $50 if I choose for the Cracker Barrel gift card for $100 instead?

Answer – There is not going to be any kind of refund for that amount.

  • Question – My gift card had already expired when I tried to use it, therefore I couldn’t use it. Is there any possibility that I could be paid for this?

Answer – If you do not claim your award by the deadline, you will not be eligible for any kind of reimbursement.

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